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KYK Alkaline Catalysts Composite Filter


KYK Alkaline Catalysts Composite Filter



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Filter C: KYK® Alkaline Catalysts Composite Filter

Korea Patented Catalysts and Japan Post Carbon

Part No: EC-NUFJP-9-3-1 Filter

Filter Size: 9 inch
Filter Capacity: 3,000 minutes or up to 4,500 litres
Filter Composites: KYK® alkaline catalysts, non-woven pre-filter, Japan activated premium post carbon, Minano™ media filter, antibacterial silver media filter.

• alkaline catalysts is patented with KFDA certification for safety and efficacy; produces health enhancing alkaline antioxidant water with smaller water clusters
• post carbon is made from Japan’s premium activated carbon with silver media to enhance taste and, more importantly, inhibits bacteria activities
• high capacity filtration of up to 3,000 minutes
• easy-change filter design
• beneficial minerals are not removed



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