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EcoSmart™ Premium Alkaline Water Dispenser



EcoSmart™ Premium Alkaline Water Dispenser


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EcoSmart™ has the newest technology in alkaline water filtration to produce clean and fresh water diffused with anti-oxidants and alkalizing minerals at the most affordable price!

Better Health!

EcoSmart™ produces alkaline water, boosting your immunity to fight sicknesses, and aiding digestion and detoxification. Feel great on a daily basis!

Cutting-Edge Technology!

Using cutting-edge technology, EcoSmart™ employs Nano-UF membrane filtration from Japan and patented alkaline catalysts from Korea. This combination is highly effective in removing harmful contaminants while keeping beneficial minerals.

Great for your Office and Home!

EcoSmart™ is compact, portable and space saving – great for any office or home. Bring and enjoy instant fresh water anytime, anywhere – be it in the meeting room or at a family picnic!


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