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Hydro-GEN Bar – (1pair)



Hydro-GEN Bar – (1pair)


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Enjoy alkaline with active hydrogen antioxidant water anytime anywhere…

√ Alkalizing & Energizing with Alkaline Electrolytes
√ Antioxidizing with Active Molecular Hydrogen

You can now enjoy alkaline with infused active molecular hydrogen antioxidant water anytime and anywhere. It takes only 10-15 minutes to turn ordinary drinking water into water for better health!

100% Natural Minerals • Natural Health

H2O Hydro-GEN™ Bar is made with the finest quality with H2O formulated natural minerals, designed specially for both superior performance and convenience for customers on the go


Red Tourmaline – Nature’s Best Gift
Mineralizes & Alkalizes Water and Body Fluids • Suppresses Electromagnetic Fields • Anti-Bacteria and Deodorizing Effect • Generates Negative Ions & Far Infrared Rays
Benefits: Prevents cholesterol coagulation & build-up in blood vessels • Cells are invigorated and immune function is enhanced • Purifies the blood • Stimulates the autonomic nervous system • Calms over-active sympathetic nerves • Promotes sound sleep

Zeolite – Nature’s Toxin Remover
Removes heavy metals and chemical toxins like pesticides, herbicides, plastics and radiation from the body (used during the Fukushima nuclear disaster to remove radiation from sea water)

Loess – Healer & Detoxifier
Benefits (internal): Gastric/duodenal ulcers, colitis, heartburn, dysbiosis, candida and parasitic infections • Preventative remedy for gastrointestinal complaints • Natural ‘antacid’ for fast and effective heartburn, acid reflux and gastritis relief • Absorbs excess gastric acid, bile acids, gases, bacteria and toxic materials in the intestine • Absorbs excess fats and fatty acids • Normalizes microbial flora in the intestine • Soothes constipation and diarrhea
Benefits (External): Relieves skin disease, acne, eczema, inflammation • Bee sting, insect bites • Acne, blisters, cold sores, herpes lesions • Wounds, ulcers • Burns, sunburns • Sports injuries, edema • Arthritis and rheumatic complaints

Maekbanseok (麥飯石) Minerals for Vitality
A special mineral-rock used in Chinese and Korean medicine to treat various skin diseases. Koreans also like to dip Maifan Stone in rice or tea, during wash, to increase their effects on the health. It is composed of minerals including but not limited to plagioclase feldspar, orthoclase feldspar, horn-blende, and biotite (these are silicate minerals and silicate make up the silica that becomes valuable for health). Maifan Stone contains plenty of micro-nutrient elements, such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and selenium, all essential to a healthy human body.

Silica – Bone, Brain & Beauty
Known for its bone-building & bone-protecting properties • Improves bone density, bone flexibility • Helps with bone degeneration diseases and conditions with labels like osteoporosis, osteopenia, age-related bone loss, or other bone density issues • Benefits teeth, joints, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue • Strengthens the connective tissues of the brain, nerve cells, and spinal cord thereby improving memory and helping to prevent memory loss. Silica also helps stabilize the pancreas release of insulin!

If you want your nails, skin, and hair to be healthy, turn to silica. It’s an essential beauty mineral that helps heal brittle bones, teeth, hair, and nails. It is also well known for its anti-aging, anti-wrinkle properties due to its ability to help form collagen and repair damaged or loose skin along with a clean diet.

Magnesium – Oxidation Reduction Power
Magnesium is one of the 6 essential macro-minerals that comprise 99% of the body’s mineral content, from bone strength to heart health, energy production, nerve function, stress/anxiety management, and diabetes prevention. Creates antioxidant molecular hydrogen, also known as H2 to counter the effects of oxidation (free radicals) in our body.

Ceramic Balls – Benefits of FIR & Negative Ions
Known to generate Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to have the effect of reducing water cluster size so that the skin and cells are better hydrated. The smaller water cluster has an emulsifying effect which enhances the separation of oil from water giving stronger cleaning power.

FIR also activates water by creating negative ions and when consumed or used in a shower, it refreshes the body. The negatively charged water molecules are also known to encase the chlorine molecules in our water that irritates our skin and dries our hair.

Magnetite – Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
A ferrimagnetic mineral and the most magnetic mineral that is found on Earth. Magnetite increases antibacterial activity by strengthening the structure of water molecules.

Generates hydrogen (H2) in water and the generated molecular hydrogen removes harmful free radicals in the human body by donating its negative ion. Due to its unique properties, magnetite is a mineral commonly used in the making of facial toner and water treatment for removing arsenic from underground water.






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