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Vida-C™ Shower (Junior)


Vida-C™ Shower (Junior)


For the health of your skin and hair.

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If you are seeking treatments that entail multiple benefits for your skin and hair, this is the revolutionary wellness product you got to have!

After a hard day’s work, the abundance of negative ions from the shower will leave you feeling totally refreshed & energized, giving your tired and weary body the relaxation it needs.


Vida-C™ Shower VC6000 is sleek and compact in design, ideal for all in the home.  Vida-C™ Shower comes with advanced formula Vitamin C, enhanced with patented negative ions and micro-clustered water technology to effectively hydrate and promote better health of your skin and hair – supple, smooth, radiant skin and hair!

Features & benefits:

  • Advanced formula Vitamin C stimulates collagen growth, promotes whitening and has rich antioxidants to fight aging of skin cells.
  • Advanced formula Vitamin C has the ability to neutralize chlorine in the water preventing the damage to your skin and hair every time we shower.
  • Patented ions technology generates millions of negative ions to neutralize pollutants and hence drives away the fatigue. Coupled with the aroma of Vitamin C, the Vida-C™ Shower provides a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.
  • Ceramic balls create smaller water clusters and when Vitamin C is dissolved in them, it can be easily absorbed by our skin cells, effectively hydrating and nourishing our skin.
  • Vida-C™ Shower not only is easy to install, it is a proven water saver of up to 25%!

No of Nozzles: 235
Water Flow Rate: 8.8 litres per minute
Size and Weight: 87 (W) x 290 (H) x 76 (D) (mm), 300g


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Vida-C™ Shower (Junior)

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